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Why SAVE the Bees لماذا إنقاذ النحلة؟

Why SAVE the BEE? Honey bees are intricately tied to our food supply - they are directly responsible for 80% of agricultural pollination. One-third of our diet is currently derived from plants that require pollination so without pollinators, like honey bees, we’d have far fewer fruits and vegetables. What’s more, bee habitat sequesters carbon and improves the soil, which in turn contributes to a healthy regenerative agricultural landscape. We would be lost without them and they are in trouble. Pesticides, parasites and poor nutrition are the major culprits behind the decline of honey bees in the U.S. But there are ways to help these important creatures. لماذا إنقاذ النحلة؟ يرتبط نحل العسل بشكل معقد بإمداداتنا الغذائية، فهو مسؤول بشكل مباشر...

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